Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!



There are certain musical genres that are tailor-made for gay artists. Broadway, of course. Pop. Spoken word with harp, ukelele and triangle.

Then there are categories that aren’t always as welcoming to us. Hip-hop. Rap. And country.

So when we discover an out-and-proud artist in one of the latter groups, it’s noteworthy. And when that artist is as good as country singer Drake Jensen, it’s possible to see a future when a performer is recognized only for what comes out of his mouth, not what he puts in it.

In his brand new album, OUTlaw (get it?), the Canadian uses his rich vocals to convey heartfelt stories and genuine emotion in a way that resonates with LGBT listeners, while staying true to the machinations of a traditional country song.

One look at the video for his lead single, “When It Hurts Like That” and it’s clear that this cuddly bear is on a mission to shake things up.

And become a new kind of sex symbol while he’s at it.

$9.99 on iTunes