Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ciao Down

Italian is something we could eat every day. As long as we have a side of pasta to go along with him.

But it can be hard finding genuine products made in Italy that are worth the price. Because flying to Rome to pick up fettuccine and canned tomatoes is getting to be really expensive.

Villa Cappelli is about to change the way we shop. Not only do they have a vast line of real, 100% GMO-free Italian products with no artificial anything, they’ll send the products right to your door! No baggage fees. No rude flight attendants. No adding the international mobile plan to your smartphone in order to access Grindr Italia.

What could be more convenient?

From the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the finest sea salts and spices to flavorful conserves and antipasti, everything is made with care by two devastatingly handsome gay men.

So the fact that we love their nuts should come as no surprise. Their line of “crack” almonds is as addictive as it sounds, whether you’re downing the sugar, spice or lemon rosemary varieties. Of course, you’ll want a little bit of everything they have to offer.

Log on now and you can finally post on Facebook and Twitter that you’re spending your afternoon shopping in Italy. It won’t be a lie. And you’ll sound really cosmopolitan.

Just like a true Italian.