Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Vegging Out


We could never be full-on vegetarians. Mainly because the term is just one letter off from vagetarians, our most feared diet plan ever.

But when we come across plant-based dishes so innovative that we don’t even miss the meat (and trust us, meat is always on our mind), we take notice.

Of course, it’s hard to find any flaws on the newest menu at DISH. Under the innovative direction of Executive Chef Garreth Dickey, this Cedar Springs establishment has quietly become one of the best restaurants in Dallas. By combining sophisticated twists into comfort food favorites and utilizing local ingredients whenever possible, DISH is affordable luxury in a hip atmosphere that we’ve loved since Day One.

When you make your next reservation for dinner, ask for Brandon Smoot. Not only is he the Wine Director, he’s also one of the greatest servers we’ve had in a long time. Knowledgable without being condescending or too technical in his descriptions of the menu, he steered us in new and exciting directions.

Case in point, it’s because of Brandon that we tried the two signature vegetarian items.

First up was the grilled cauliflower steak (above), marinated overnight in white wine and spices, it’s roasted to a nice golden brown and served with Cipolini onions, baby kale, Calabrese peppers, black radish and golden raisin brown butter. Of course, we got this as a side dish to go with our real steak, a killer 14-ounce Fiorentina-style ribeye cooked to medium-rare perfection.

Loaded with wild mushrooms and a hint of sun-dried tomato, the mushroom bolognese with house-made pasta, sherried garlic and grana padano (a hard Italian cheese) is also fantastic.

Had we known these dishes would be so satisfying and complex, we would’ve given the cow a pass. But there’s always next time. And the 16 visits after that.

(Closed Mondays)
4123 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas