Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Wood In The Bedroom


Roughly 2/3 of a gay man’s life is spent in bed. Half of that for the purposes of sleep. And medically required massages.

So it should come as no surprise that our bedroom is the most important room in our house, second only to the group shower facilities we added on by the pool.

That’s why we’re already setting aside our tax refund, the change in our sofa cushions and anything we can scrounge up walking through the gay bars clanging a tin cup and waving a “Will Work for a Kick-Ass Bed” sign to pay for one of the new handcrafted beds from Timothy Oulton.

Just look at the stunning Big Beam bed (above) made from salvaged timber (because nice wood should never be wasted). Impressive, right? Visitors will send postcards home from this one.

What makes this and Timothy Oulton’s entire line of beds so fantastic is the attention to detail and unique characteristics of each piece. Even better, if you purchase a mattress, the toppers are made from genuine flags. We’re not sure if they have the Big Gay Rainbow Flag, but we’re pretty sure if you’re dropping this kind of cash, they’ll make it happen.

Timothy Oulton Bedding Collection
Mattresses from $4300
Toppers from $1400
Bases/Headboards from $2100
Big Beam (pictured) from $11,395