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Breathing Easy


When it comes to wine, we’re pretty impatient. In fact, we’ve been known to chew right through a cork and start chugging if somebody can’t get us a wine opener fast enough.

So when a bottle of wine needs time to open up and aerate and breathe, a process that can take several minutes, even hours (gasp!), we go into a full-blown panic attack.

But now, we never have to wait again for wine to reach its true potential. Thanks to our obsession with Shark Tank, we discovered another fantastic product that we can’t live without.

Introducing the Vinamor single-glass wine aerator. Because of its special design, as wine is poured over the glass sphere, tannins immediately soften and flavors develop their full potential quickly, unlike large decanters.

Plus, the filter catches any sediment so you don’t have to worry about a chewy Cabernet.

It’s incredible what a difference the Vinamor makes within seconds.

And believe it or not, that’s fast enough to meet our standards.

The Vinamor