Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Girl, Uninterrupted


Sometimes, autocorrect can create wonderful opportunities we would never encounter otherwise.

There was the time we were cruising on Grindr and per our text message, our suitor showed up with a “duck we’d never forget.” (It was moist, delicious and surprisingly lean!)

Or the day we ended up getting our house painted on the cheap when a guy agreed to a “$300 blue job.”

So, we shouldn’t be the least bit surprised with what transpired after rifling through the nightstand and sending our boyfriend an SOS text.

Little did we know he’d come home with a “brand-new, extra-long Dido” and a pack of AA batteries.

But we’re so glad he did, because the deluxe version of Dido’s latest album is incredible. Titled Girl Who Got Away, the two-CD set been on a constant loop since we opened it. Featuring her signature ethereal sound and tranquil melodies, it’s the perfect soundtrack to a cozy night at home with the one you love.

Just don’t text him the invitation. Trust us. Otherwise, you could end up spending hours getting gum off your face.

Girl Who Got Away, Dido
Deluxe Edition, $11.99 at iTunes