Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Say Uncle. Twice.

Books are such a great way to reassure children that their sometimes unusual family situations are just as legitimate as those of their perhaps more normal-appearing friends.

That’s why, as kids, we took solace in the times our older sister read to us each night. Without Dr. Seuss’ How the Milkman Stole Mommy’s Dignity, pop-up book Green Barbiturates and Ham or One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Daddy Drinks Like a Fish and That’s Why He’s at the Sanitarium for Six Months, we probably would’ve grown up thinking we had something to be ashamed of.

In more recent years, many children’s books have been published to address even more pressing issues, including same-sex parents and the fact that everyone poops. Now, there’s a book that focuses on another highly relevant relationship in the lives of thousands of children.

Introducing My Two Uncles by Jeff Rivera, a charming, simple picture book with small snippets of rhymes that present the lives of the two uncles as both loving and highly important to the personal enrichment of their niece and nephew.

It’s the perfect book for any kid with two same-sex couples in their lives. And a great title to torment your ultra-right-wing brother-in-law when he comes to visit.

My Two Uncles by Jeff Rivera
99¢ for Kindle at amazon.com