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What’s Up, Dock?

There are times when we miss the not-so-distant days of lower-tech communication. Especially now that 90% of our conversations have been reduced to text messages, emoticons and the occasional Siri-dictated tirade.

But sometimes we actually want to talk. Out loud. To a real person. Not in-person, of course, but on the phone.

That’s where the new Talk Dock from Uncommon Goods comes in. Not only can we make phone calls with the comfort and ergonomic pleasure of an old-school telephone receiver, we can also charge our iPhone 5 at the same time (as well as antique models including iPhone 4, 4S and certain Blackberrys.

And if you want to take the handset to go, you can leave the base at home and utilize the receiver all on its own. It simply plugs into your headphone jack. No batteries or external power needed.

Just like Little House on the Prairie.

Talk Dock, $36