Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Up Our Alley


As much as we like sticking our fingers in holes, you’d think we’d be better at bowling. Hell, we took bowling to earn physical education credits in college (seriously) and to this day we still spend half our time in the gutter. (Not unlike real life.)

But one thing we always enjoyed was the bowling alley food and beer. Especially because we could drink during class.

That’s why we’ve fallen head over rented heels in love with the highly elevated bar food at Bowl & Barrel. Though we’re not very fond of the communal dining tables, they did allow us the opportunity to sneak bites of other people’s dishes when they’re not looking.

All we can say is wow. We stole some prime grub.

The gigantic house-made pretzel is more like a loaf of bread, so make sure to share. Also, the beer-cheese fondue shouldn’t be an option, but a requirement.

Then move on to three must-order dishes that will thrill with every bite. Top of that list, the hot fried quail (above), a much more sophisticated twist on the ubiquitous chicken wing. Spicy, crunchy, meaty and served with good ol’ Hidden Valley Ranch, they’re utterly crave-worthy. Not too greasy, either.

Yet it’s the hot ham & Swiss sandwich that truly blew us away. Seriously, how could something so straightforward be so amazing? Smokey pit ham is layered onto griddled sourdough and topped with a vinegary slaw, fried pickles and a coarse house mustard. There’s something magic happening here.

Cap off dinner with a slice of sea-salt caramel and ginger snap crusted butterscotch pie, the spot’s sole sweet offering. It’ll make your mouth water and infiltrate your dreams.

Even more than the sight of us in our skin-tight bowling gear.

Bowl & Barrel
8084 Park Lane, Suite 145 (inside the Shops at Park Lane), Dallas