Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!



Poor Old McDonald. All he had on his farm was a bunch of noisy animals. Clucking here, oinking there, everywhere a moo moo. (And probably a wife in a muumuu, too). It’s amazing he didn’t have chronic migraines.

But we’ve found some farms that feature something even better: organic produce.

And they’ll deliver it all to your front door.

It’s all part of the latest offering from Artizone.com, our go-to resource for home delivery of artisan food products.

Each Friday, you can receive a one-third bushel of seasonal produce, typically 7-9 items. We received the very first basket ever (above) and we were amazed at the variety. Included was spinach, leaf lettuce, green onions, grapefruit, carrots, parsnips, rainbow chard and some of the sweetest strawberries we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

It forced us to get creative in the kitchen (what the hell do you do with a parsnip?) and also got us eating things we wouldn’t normally seek out at the grocery store.

Just make sure to order today for next Friday’s delivery because they only offer a limited number of baskets each week. Plus, new customers can save a ton with our exclusive offer.

Because few things are better than saving green on leafy greens. And the occasional parsnip.

Earthwise Produce Basket

Gay List Daily Offer:
Customers new to artizone.com can use code GLD to get 25% off  and free delivery. But trust us, even if you’re an existing customer, this basket is worth the money.