Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Here’s Wood On Your Eyes


It’s no secret. Gays love wood.

We love sharing wood with friends. Receiving wood from others. Holding wood in our hands.

You get the idea.

But until now, we’ve rarely let wood get so close to our eyes.

Introducing Proof Eyewear, another great product we discovered thanks to our obsession with ABC’s Shark Tank. Launched in an Idaho garage by three brothers, Proof is an incredibly cool accessory. That just happens to be made of wood right here in the USA.

Whether you’re looking for fab sunglasses or attention-grabbing everyday eyewear, the Proof line offers hip colors, styles and finishes to please even the pickiest wood lover out there.

Plus, who can resist eco-friendly, sustainable fashion?

Better still, the company donates a portion of sales to a charity in India that provides cataract surgery to those in need.

See, a love for wood can be a really good thing.

Proof Eyewear
From $95