Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shaving Grace


Doing two things at once makes us feel so much more productive. It’s the main reason we like three-ways.

But it’s also nice to do double duty in the shower. Two things at once, that is. Not three-ways.

OK, three-ways, too.

(Geez. Why does everything revolve around sex with you people?)

Between bumping and grinding sessions, though, we in fact accomplish other things. Such as writing poetry in Chinese characters, analyzing Activia commercials by channeling Shakespeare and practicing underwater witchcraft.

Also, shaving.

Yet sadly, our busy schedule often prevents us from washing our face and shaving the same day, so one task frequently falls by the wayside. And because we’ll never skip washing our face, that means we can quickly end up with an unwarranted hipster beard entirely by mistake.

Until now, thanks to the new dual-action Cleanse and Shave from EVOLUTIONMAN. Filled with vitamins A, C and E, essential oils derived from orange peels, as well as amino acids, astringents and anti-irritants this product takes you right from cleansing to shaving in one easy step.

Anyone unfamiliar with a non-foaming shave cream may find it strange at first, but a quality product doesn’t need foam to work properly. And this is a fantastic example.

Because we haven’t had anything foaming in our shower in years. Well, except that guy with rabies back in January, but it was really more of a froth.

EVOLUTIONMAN Cleanse and Shave

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