Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Month: LGBT (Let’s Go To Belly & Trumpet!)


April’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our Brunch of the Month feature. In fact, we kind of knew what it was going to be without ever tasting a bite.

But what fun would that be?

So after giving Belly & Trumpet a couple weeks to hit their brunchy stride, we went in and feasted like fatties. And after working our way through the menu, our belly looks less like a trumpet than a pregnant tuba.

And it was worth every bite.

Start with the chickpea fries, a truly inspired creation that takes the all-too-ubiquitous hummus starter and elevates it to angelic heights. The lightly crisp, dense strips of puréed chickpeas is so wonderfully bread-like, we’d love to see it as the base of a vegetarian-style Eggs Benedict with perhaps a nice roasted eggplant slice or portobello.

Not sure why we’re busy thinking up our own menu, though, when the real one is loaded with so many hits.

Smoked salmon, fennel, potato and egg hash topped with hollandaise is so delightfully smoky, the fish could easily be Mistaken for Bacon™ (pardon us while we coin a phrase).

French toast thrills with three miniature cake-like discs topped with baked apple pieces and served with real maple syrup.

Our favorite dish, however, is the hanger steak and kim chee omelette (above). Never in a lifetime would we have thought kim chee and eggs were a magical combination, but they are. Just be careful wearing white because that kim chee stains like a mo-fo.

But a pitcher of honeydew mimosas later and we hardly noticed.

Besides, we’d gladly ruin another outfit for another Belly & Trumpet brunch. It’s that good.

Belly & Trumpet
3407 McKinney Avenue, Dallas

Photo Credit: Joy Zhang