Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Literary Masterpiece

The Fabulous Beekman Boys are taking over the world.

From million-dollar reality show wins to soap made from goat lactations, their empire knows no bounds. But we are happy to be their loyal subjects as long as they keep finding new and interesting ways to entertain.

Thankfully, that wish has come true thanks to Polka Spot: My Life in Pictures, a new all-ages comic book debuting its second issue.

Featuring Polka Spot, the world’s most famous llama since the one-L’d Lorenzo, each installment finds her in only the most delightfully gay situations. Fashion’s Night Out is the setting for Issue #1. A jet-setting trip to Japan in Issue #2.

Her character in the series has done it all, from fashion model and pop superstar to movie star and magazine editor. She’s like a much hairier Barbie. With bigger hay-filled poops.

Filled with cheeky references that are hilarious for adults, the adventures are also innocent and zany enough for kids, too.

It won’t be long before her fame grows as much as her doting gay dads’. So don’t be surprised if Polka Spot follows in their TV footsteps as a contestant on next season’s Survivor.

Or masters the actual polka on Dancing with the Stars.

Brent and Josh need to keep her grounded, though. We’d hate to see her showing up on Celebrity Animal Rehab with Dr. Drewlittle.

Polka Spot: My Life in Pictures, Issues #2
$3.99  (Issue #1, $7.99)