Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Word To Your Mother


Flowers: expected.

Two-for-$25 lunch at Red Lobster: forgettable.

A dramatic recreation of your ten-hour birth performed by the cast of Smash: too expensive (but getting less costly by the day).

Yes, when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, the conundrum is always what to get that’s meaningful, beautiful and useful all at once.

That’s where our good friends over at ChickeeBoom can swoop in and rescue this most difficult of shopping occasions with gifts that use actual words to convey your love. And jewelry to make her smile even bigger.

Give her something hip and of-the-moment with a custom-inscribed leather bracelet and charm combo specially priced at just $20 (a $45 value) just for Mother’s Day. Shipping included.

Or choose from one of several standard phrases if your poetic muse is sleeping.

If you’ve got more than a $20 bill in your wallet, check out the incredible charm necklaces that can be customized with dozens of icons, initials, shapes and words.

With tons of available ways to show yo mama that you care, the experts at ChickeeBoom are ready to help make a memorable gift even more so.

And Mom will hardly miss the endless Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Promise.

$20 Mother’s Day Leather Bracelet with Charm. Order by Monday, May 6 to receive free shipping.
Send an email to rebecca@chickeeboom.com for help with customization options.