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Battle Royale. With Cheese.


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve pushed you to attend a big food event, so we hope you’re hungry.

Tomorrow night is the return of Iron Fork, or as the corporate suits call it, Whole Foods Presents the Dallas Observer Iron Fork. (WFPDOIF for short. The Fs are silent.)

In addition to live music, wine, beer, cocktails and tastings from 30 local restaurants, there’s the title attraction itself: a battle between two of Dallas’ best chefs.

Moderated by Kent Rathbun (above), this year’s Chef Challenge features Scott Romano of Nick & Sam’s cooking head-to-head with Matt McCallister of FT33. The only catch, they must work from a set basket of ingredients, including one mystery item that may or may not be dolphin blowholes.

Regardless, it’s fun watching grown men smack-talk in aprons.

Better still, we’ve got a discount code to get in for cheap.

So hit the treadmill now, juice for the next day and prepare to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Whole Foods Presents the Dallas Observer Iron Fork
Dallas Contemporary
161 Glass Street, Dallas
$30 discount tickets (or $75 VIP) at
Promo Code: foodie2013

A portion of the proceeds will benefit March of Dimes. Guests must be 21+, with a valid I.D.



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