Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Chilly Reception


Lukewarm chardonnay. Hot beer. Scalding tequila.

Can you think of three more unpleasant things?

That’s why we’ve declared this the Summer of Chill It Bags from Bella Vita.

Featuring several bold colors, each bag is designed with a special freezing agent inside that keeps all your boozy business cool as a cucumber martini. Simply store in the freezer until you’re ready to travel.

Perfect for toting to the beach, the park or just outside to the pool, the bags come in styles to accommodate wine, champagne or spirits, as well as six packs of beer (or Zima if you’re feelin’ old-school).

Chill It Bags also make a great addition to an otherwise ordinary host/hostess gift of wine or liquor because long after the hooch is gone, the bag will be a reminder of your generosity and thoughtfulness again and again.

We took one to our friend’s intervention last week and it was such a hit, people are still talking about it.

Feels good to care.

Chill It Bags
From $9.95 at amazon.com