Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Haunting Sounds


Today, electronica makes a comeback.

The delightfully retro but unabashedly contemporary new album, Pale Green Ghosts, is one of those great records that feels immediately familiar. Like a long-lost love sticking his tongue in our ear.

It’s the second album for recording artist John Grant, but the first since the openly gay singer learned via text message that he was HIV positive. Filled with deep, dark tracks peppered with upbeat riffs of rhythmic sensation, Pale Green Ghosts is hauntingly beautiful and loaded with subtext.

Recorded in Iceland, which we’re sure only adds to the layers of moodiness, the tracks featuring Sinead O’Connor on guest vocals provide star-powered nuance and extra depth.

The album represents Grant’s current journey of strength and survival, and we think it will resonate with anyone in the LGBT community who’s ever struggled with depression or shocking revelations. And if you also happen to love ‘80s music, all the better. This is a flashback without any side effects.

Except maybe a longing to wear long black clothes and dark eyeliner. Or listen to the tracks on a cassette Walkman.

Pale Green Ghosts, John Grant
$9.99 on iTunes
$12.28 on Amazon