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Stuff Your Pets


We love curling up with our dogs, squeezing them tight, then throwing them in a suitcase for a long overseas vacation.

That’s because we’ve immortalized our beloved pets in pillow form and now we can take them anywhere. Or accessorize any piece of furniture around the house.

The process is simple. Email Brooklyn-based artist Ronda J. Smith. an existing photograph of your pooch, pussy, parrot, panda or piranha. Can’t decide which image will work best? Send her several pics and she’ll let you know which ones are best suited for pillowfication. You’ll then receive a mockup, and within five to 10 days she’ll have a completed fabric version of Princess Pauletta ready to ship.

After all, nothing’s cuter than a box full of puppies. Especially ones you don’t have to feed.

Custom Pet Pillows