Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hemp To Be Square-Cut


We’ve gone off the deep end. Several times.

Yes, as of Memorial Day Weekend, we hit more than our fair share of pool parties. But we also ate more than our fair share of burgers, steaks and raw, vegan macaroons (don’t ask).

So starting today, we’re getting in shape with the help of good ol’ Cannabis. Except this variety isn’t going to give us the munchies. It’s here to curb them.

Perfect Plant Protein is our meal-replacement shake of choice for the summer, thanks to its ideal blend of hemp, mushroom and brown rice protein, along with enzymes and probiotics. Because it’s vegetarian, it’s easier to digest, too.

It tastes pretty good on its own, but we prefer to add a little frozen fruit and freshly ground almond butter for extra flavor, protein and vitamins.

Then by the time the official first day of summer rolls around, we’ll be ready to squeeze into our favorite square-cut swimsuit without fear of frightening anyone away.

Except maybe the chubby chasers.

Perfect Plant Protein