Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ready, Wet, Glow!


The secret to a great, even tan: exfoliation.

The secret to total relaxation: a Vichy shower massage.

Introducing the Glow Massage, a delightful combination of the two.

At Hiatus Spa + Retreat, this 70-minute service is the ideal start to a summer in the sun. It all begins with a gentle, yet thorough, exfoliation. Afterward, you’ll be transported to paradise under the warm, drenching waters of the Vichy shower.

There’s something about the sound and feel of the warm water combined with the tension-relieving massage strokes to completely relax and invigorate.

When it’s all over, you’ll be left with ultra-smooth skin and a body that’s been worked into a state of complete and total bliss.

We promise, once you experience the Vichy shower, you’ll never want a dry massage again.

Because just like a t-shirt or underwear contest, wet is always better.

Glow Massage
70 minutes
$125 ($99 for H-Circle Platinum members)