Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Savor The Summer


Nobody ever hopped out of a swimming pool and declared, “Let’s go get a big plate of mashed potatoes covered with fried chicken, cheese and ladles of gravy, served with a side of biscuits and cornbread and a 66-ounce Dr Pepper!”

At least nobody we know. That’s because summer living is all about wearing less, staying cool and eating light.

And there are few places on the planet where a person can eat lighter and healthier than Seasons 52. Their new spring and soon-to-roll-out summer menus feature the same 475-calorie-or-less bragging rights per dish, but fresh, seasonal harvests are given even more praise in every bite.

Think wild Alaskan Copper River salmon (above) with asparagus, corn salad, crispy bacon, fingerling potatoes and dill sauce. Or Ahi tuna tartare served with wasabi-avocado mousse, mango chutney and curry spiced crisps. Perhaps something all-veggie, including fresh tomato and Hass avocado salad served over organic arugula and topped with balsamic glaze.

Even the cocktails are making a warm-weather splash with refreshers like the strawberry-coconut skinny martini, made with pineapple coconut water, strawberry-infused Prairie Organic Vodka and agave nectar.

With so many light and delectable options, we know we can always hit Seasons 52, stuff our faces and walk away without remorse.

Unlike those poor chicken bowl people.
Seasons 52
Dallas and Plano