Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Upper Lip Service


Standing out at a gay pride parade can be challenging.

After all, when it comes to marching and spectating attire, we are a community that embraces extremes from extravagantly flamboyant feathers, rainbow wings and glittery platform shoes to barely clothed at all.

Fortunately, we’ve found an accessory that works in any pride scenario.

Say hello to StacheTats and their special edition rainbow-colored mustache tattoos. These temporary face enhancers are made in the USA with FDA certified eco-ink. Even better, they’re sweat proof, smile proof, waterproof and most importantly, beverage proof.

Unlike real-life mustaches, these are 100% tickle proof, too. And they won’t trap pieces of food, either.

Because nothing is more distracting than wiener remnants on your upper lip.

$6.99 (package of 5)