Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Smart Alec


We have a special fondness for Alec Mapa. Everything he does is hysterical. Even passing kidney stones at a urinal next to us in Palm Springs. (Don’t ask.)

But it’s been a while since we caught up with the comedic genius one on one. Five on one, well, that happens monthly.

GLD: As an international star of stage, screen, TV, iPhones, iPads and laptops everywhere, who do you think would be the better boyfriend, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling or Kellan Lutz?
Alec Mapa: OMG! This is like Sophie’s Choice! Can’t we just play Marry/Fuck/Kill instead? Kellan looks as loyal as a golden retriever, so I’m hooking up with the Lutz.

GLD: Do you ever feel pressure as America’s Gaysian Sweetheart to be the voice for the gay community or is there room for a little political incorrectness?
Alec Mapa: Political correctness is the death of comedy. You have to laugh at horrible things to get through life. As for racist homophobic humor, it depends on who’s saying it. If something is funny, it’s funny. If it’s mean spirited you’re just being a dick .

GLD: We most recently saw you (and can still see you) on Showville. What was that experience like?
Alec Mapa: Watch Showville now online or every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on AMC. It’s a reality show about small town talent-show competitions and it’s hilarious, heartbreaking and sweet. Showville celebrates the show biz dreams of people in rural America without mocking them. It was a great experience. I’d never been to any of the “fly-over” states and it was great to see that EVERYONE in America has a great sense of humor. I was  in some deeply religious, conservative areas and I found that the minute I made  someone laugh we became friends. DVR it now!

GLD: Baby Daddy, the show. Baby Daddy, the comedy special. Who, what, when, where, why? (And how if you’re feeling crazy.)
Alec Mapa: The show is my latest stand up special and it’s primarily about how my husband and I  adopted our son through the foster care system mixed in with a whole lot of jokes about sex and farts. If you like kids you’ll love it, and if you hate kids you’ll love it, because even though I’m a dad I still have an absolutely filthy sense of humor. [Ed. Note: Donate to the Kickstarter fund to help him pay the crew to film the special.]

GLD: Gay fatherhood. Discuss.
Alec Mapa: Gay parents are the same. We’re just as exhausted as regular parents. We still have big dreams for our kids. We all want the same things. The only difference is we’re gay. We want nicer things.

GLD: Half-Share premieres tonight and you’re one of the stars. Tell us about the show and why we should watch.
Alec Mapa: It’s all about Fire Island, Baby! It’s like Ab Fab only EVERYONE is Edina and Patsy. It’s a comedy about the adult playground that is Fire Island in the summer. In Half Share it’s called the Island of Misfit Boys. In the show all the roommates in a Fire Island house  form a loving and highly dysfunctional family. I play the house mother Ito, who’s  perpetually exasperated because all the children are a hot mess. I also have a fetish for older men, but everyone I like thinks I’m a hooker.

GLD: All those cute boys in the cast. There has to be some behind-the-scenes scoop. Put on your Suzuki St. Pierre hat and dish, girl, dish!
Alec Mapa: Unfortunately for the gossip mill, we all liked each other A LOT. We spent less than a week together filming on Fire Island and we all became incredibly close immediately. I  learned that I can’t keep up with Jesse Archer alcohol-wise. It’s just not physically possible. For any living being.

GLD: What’s next for Half-Share? Any chance of more episodes? A movie? A fan-fiction app?
Alec Mapa: If there’s a big enough  fan response to Half-Share anything’s possible. If enough  people watch I envision lunch boxes, t-shirts and poppers.

GLD: What inspiring message of Gay Pride do you have for us this June?
Alec Mapa: The most radical, empowering thing you can do in any circumstance is completely love and accept yourself exactly as you are right now.

GLD: Anything else you want to get off your chest? Anything at all.
Alec Mapa: I  wish people would go back to dressing up for travel and the theater. I feel like I’m the only one who gives a shit anymore.

Catch Alec Mapa and a host of other big gay stars in tonight’s premier of Half-Share.


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