Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Throat Music


Pitchy doesn’t begin to describe our singing voice. We’re so tone deaf that even sign language as obvious as the elaborate gestures in YMCA makes no sense to us.

That’s why we’ve always been impressed when we hear someone with genuine vocal talent. And we’re lucky enough to have a big gay singing competition that celebrates those with true talent.

It’s time for the annual Voice of Pride competition and the stakes are bigger than ever. This year, the winning solo performer wins a not-too-shabby $3500 and two round-trip airline tickets to a luxury destination. It’s not American Idol money, but pretty incredible for a local singing contest.

It all starts this weekend at The Mining Company and any member of the LGBT community can enter. If you’ve got vocal chops that rival those of Adele, Lea Michelle or a severely Auto-Tuned Madonna, this is your chance for local fame and temporary fortune.

It’s your golden opportunity to shine bright like a diamond, or sit in the audience and be thoroughly entertained as the competition heats up all summer long.

Ryan Seacrest, eat your heart out.

2013 Voice of Pride
June 9-August 11
Full schedule here
Entry form here