Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sweat Victory

You see a cute guy from across a crowded bar. Your heart races a bit as you approach him, hoping the attraction will be mutual. As you get closer, he smiles brightly and laughs a little as you swagger to the sounds of The Village People. But before you can even get to the M, C or A, your Y has sent him fleeing in terror.

That’s because you’ve got giant pit stains, an immediate turn-off. At least now that he’s dashed your dreams of a possible hookup, you have time to do a little internet shopping from your phone.

Head immediately to The Thompson Tee website for one of their revolutionary new Hydro-Shield shirts. Their line of anti-microbial, odor-fighting, sweat-proof shirts uses a proprietary barrier that completely blocks armpit sweat from passing through. Body heat and moisture simply escape as vapor.

What’s best about the design is that the sweat proof barrier is part of the shirt, not just something added on after manufacturing. The fit is flattering, and the 100% premium cotton is ultra soft and extremely comfortable. The made-in-USA crew, V-neck and deep-V shirts have extra length to stay tucked and a tagless collar.

So order several and avoid the potential of losing your fantasy man over a bad first impression.

Because as it says on our favorite greeting card, love is just a dry armpit away.

The Thompson Tee Hydro-Shield
$19.99 introductory price