Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wiener Teaze


There are three things that sum up summer perfectly. Skimpy bikinis. Big-budget superhero movies. And big, juicy wieners.

Yet because we consider ourselves veritable sausage connoisseurs, we’re rather picky about what goes in our mouth. (Says so right there in our craigslist ad.)

But just in time for outdoor grilling season, we’ve bit down on some of the best sausages we’ve ever tasted. They’re from FlavorTeaze, online purveyors of all sorts of gourmet deliciousness.

Their all-natural and hormone-free sausages are available in Greek Loukaniko, Sweet Italian, gourmet hot dog Barackwurst, Catalonian Butifarra or Spanish Chorizo Picante. Not only do they taste amazing, it’s actually shocking these days to see a nutrition label with so few ingredients. That’s because they focus on flavor, not fillers.

We recently hosted a pool party and grilled up every FlavorTeaze variety and created bite-sized portions so everyone could taste them all and give us feedback. Problem is, nobody could select a favorite. They were equally loved by all.

So it’s a good thing they offer them up in a sausage trio where you can sample several at once. Thankfully, summer hasn’t even officially started so there’s more than enough time to work your way through the entire list.

Same strategy we use on Grindr.

Sausage Trio
$34.50 (regularly $39.00)