Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pole Position


When life gives you lemons, stick ’em in a bikini top and go for a spin.

On a stripper pole.

No longer do you need to moonlight as a go-go dancer to get the kind of sexy exercise that can only be achieved on nine-feet-two-inches of heavy-duty steel.

Introducing the Private Dancer Pole Kit, a best-selling home strip system taking bedrooms and shag-carpeted basements everywhere by storm.

The kit comes with an instructional DVD on the art of erotic dance, a black feather boa, black lace garter and play money so your suitors can “make it rain” for you time and time again.

Non-slip pads protect floor and ceiling and the pole can be installed at adjustable heights from 7’4” to 9’2”. With or without screws.

But hopefully your dance will end with one.

www.xmybox.com (site may be NSFW)