Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tune Town


Songs for a New World. It’s not just the name of Christopher Columbus’ mix tape from 1492. It’s also Uptown Players’ latest musical event.

Written by Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist Jason Robert Brown, this musical explores those moments in life where we must make a decision on how best to survive emotionally, physically, or both. Things can be going great and then an unexpected event can turn reality upside-down. How we choose to approach those challenges and move forward is what truly defines our character.

Uplifting and filled with soaring melodies, Songs for a New World stars Feleceia Benton, Jonathan Bragg, John Campione, Peter DiCesare, Danielle Estes, Walter Lee, Laura Lites and Sara Shelby-Martin, with direction by the fab Coy Covington and Kevin Gunter.

It’s a great way to beat the heat, and perhaps gain a new perspective on how to handle life’s most unpredictable moments.

Like when the bar runs out of vodka.

Songs for a New World
June 21-July 7
Tickets: $30-$40