Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Here’s The Scoop


We scream. You scream. Usually it’s in the bedroom. But sometimes, we scream for ice cream, too. (Also in the bedroom, oddly enough.)

Of course, we’re picky little prisses so we can’t just dish up frozen deliciousness with any old scoop. No, we need something sophisticated and chic, yet still budget friendly. (Admittedly our Tiffany, Gucci and Bvlgari ice cream scoops were a little extravagant.)

That’s why we love the Savora Ice Cream Scoop, and everything in their small but well-designed collection for that matter.

Designed to work like an extension of your own hand, the feeling of a Savora scoop is remarkably intuitive. A serrated edge and pointed shape make it easy to tackle hard ice cream without breaking a wrist. Or sending the carton flying off the counter.

And the bowl of the scoop is specifically designed to produce stunning mounds of ice cream, gelato or frozen custard.

It also works well scooping out our nightly moisturizer. Which, sadly, we’re now purchasing by the gallon, too.

Savora Ice Cream Scoop
Available in 8 delicious colors