Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We Get A Kick Out Of Him


Welcome to the epic conclusion of the Alec Mapa Daily trilogy. We realize we’ve covered the funny man a lot in a short period of time, but it’s just evidence that he’s easily the hardest working man in ’mo business.

Sunday, the Kickstarter campaign for his Baby Daddy comedy special ends. The good news? It’s already funded. Yippee! But you can still donate and be a part of this special project that not only includes the filming of his standup act, but also documents the creation of Mapa’s unconventional family (above).

Pledge $5 or more and receive a photo of Alec holding a sign with your name on it. $15 and up gets you a personal thank-you shout-out on his website. Jump to $100 or more for cookies baked by Alec and a video download of the special.

And if you’ve got somebody you really want to impress (Alec included), pledge $5000 and bring two friends to spend the day with Alec at Disneyland. It doesn’t get much gayer than that without a Cinderella outfit and a giant rainbow lollipop.

Of course, there are multiple levels in between that whore out offer up incentives such as dinner with Alec, executive producer credit and VIP tickets to the taping of the show. So be a part of history and pledge today. It’s your chance to hob your nob with genuine Hollywood royalty.

Or at least the most famous queen you’ll ever meet.

Alec Mapa’s Baby Daddy
Kickstarter Campaign ends Sunday