Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

March Madness


Today, there will be no sex jokes. No sassy commentary on celebrities. And not a single sexy underwear model.

Because our freedom to write anything we want, say anything we want, and pretty much do anything we want are all freedoms we too often take for granted. And though we often complain about the state of gay rights in this country, we must constantly seek out ways to remind ourselves that even as we make incremental strides, others face horrendous setbacks.

In 2012, a law was passed in Russia that made it illegal to hold pride parades for the next century. You read that correctly, the next ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

But Sunday, when the nation’s oldest pride celebration commences in New York, those in Moscow (and all over the world for that matter) can still celebrate Pride, thanks to a partnership with M&C Saatchi to produce a virtual pride parade.

Through the miracle of Google Maps Street Views, anyone using the hashtag #virtualpride can populate a route in Moscow that will be timed in exact lock-step with the parade in New York. Tweet a message of support and you’ll show up on the sidelines in the virtual parade.

What a remarkable way to show the world and our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia that basic human rights are something that should be enjoyed equally, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

So please, start using the hashtag now and be a part of history.

Virtual and otherwise.

Virtual Pride