Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Detecting A Pattern Here


The Fourth of July pool party. It’s coming up faster than you’ve probably noticed.

But it’s ok, we haven’t even purchased our usual gross of sparklers for our annual Stars and Stripes Forever poolside twirl-and-juggle extravaganza.

That means there’s still time for you to get your hands on a flattering swimsuit that’s as stylish as it is out-of-the-ordinary. It’s our gay-triotic duty to be fashionable on Independence Day, after all.

So we’ll be sporting the latest designs from Desigual at our long list of water-soaked fiestas. Featuring bold prints, bright colors, and delightful patterns, this is one swimwear line that’s not afraid to make a statement.

Plus, the price-point is great. The newest styles are just $84, with some as low as $37!

That means you can order several pairs and launch a few mid-party costume changes to really wow the crowds of admirers. Because if you want people to blatantly stare at your package, Desigual will certainly do the trick.

Which hopefully will lead to you doing a trick of your own.