Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Living Out Proud


Did something big happen in the news yesterday?

We were quite literally in a cave doing our final research study for a Master’s thesis regarding the mating habits of bisexual bats and the sociological impact on the species.

This morning we returned home only to find a bunch of red equal signs cluttering our Facebook page. Apparently we’ve been hacked. And it seems to be perpetrated by a rogue band of florists, event planners and dance-party DJs because everybody’s suddenly pushing us and all of our gay friends to marry our long-time boyfriends. So odd.

Or maybe it’s a plot by HBO to get people in the big gay spirit for tonight’s inspirational documentary, The OUT List. Funny, heartfelt and the perfect way to end Pride Month on a high note, the film features a stunning variety of successful LGBT people from all walks of life.

Included are legendary drag queen Lady Bunny, former pro football player Wade Davis, queen of the lesbians Ellen DeGeneres, adorable actor and Tony Award Ceremony savior Neil Patrick Harris, playwright Larry Kramer, and Dallas Latina lesbian sheriff Lupe Valdez (above). The impressive list goes on from there.

There are many reasons to subscribe to HBO and even more reasons to be proud of being gay. It just so happens that tonight the two combine as one.

It’s legal after all.

The Out List
Premieres Tonight at 9:30 p.m. E