Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Slip. Slide. Glide


When the Supreme Court announced its blockbuster rulings on Wednesday, same-sex marriage proposals all over the country came fast and furious. And just as during major blackouts, monumental storms or last-call at a gay bar, we presume there was a lot of same-sex sex happening that night, too.

We just hope everyone was using protection and gettin’ all slippery up in there.

Which brings us to a new personal lube that’s worth checking out. It’s called Good Clean Love and each product is natural, organic, and free of paraben, glycerin and petrochemicals. They’re even 100% vegan (unlike that stuff we got in Alaska made of whale blubber), meaning that yes indeed, you can eat it should the opportunity arise.

Available in Almost Naked, Lavender and Cinnamon-Vanilla, Good Clean Love’s barely-there fragrances are not overpowering in the slightest.

Plus, they’re safe for condoms and toys, too.

Because there’s nothing worse than a bone-dry Mr. Potato Head.

Good Clean Love
$15, 4-ounce bottle