Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Maid To Order


Cleanliness is next to godliness. But the actual cleaning itself is pure hell.

That’s why we occasionally splurge on a housekeeper, but we’re tired of hiring friends of friends that just shrug their shoulders when they break one of our priceless, homoerotic Hummel figurines. Or get caught in the bathroom drinking our booze while clipping their toenails with our clippers (true story).

We needed to find a service that offers fully insured cleaners that have had background and reference checks, as well as proven fluency in English. And Homejoy delivered.

The best part is that everything can be handled online.

Simply log on to the site, inputting the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, plus the square footage of your home or apartment. You can add on extra services such as windows (!), oven cleaning, even laundry. (Because folding each pair of our underwear into swan shapes takes time.)

You’ll be given an exact quote based a standard $20/hour rate, and you can even request a pet-friendly cleaner so that your dogs and cats can help supervise. Text messages keep you reminded of your appointment, too.

The cleaner arrives with all cleaning supplies and equipment needed, ready to scrub those toilets, wash those dishes and mop those rubber bedroom walls.

Our sling has never been cleaner, either.