Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shot In The Dark


Everyone knows to fight fire with fire, but combatting a night of cocktails with a shot? Defies logic, but we’re not talking about Buttery Nipples and other intoxicating elixirs sipped off the rock-hard abs of a hunky shot guy.

On the contrary, we’re here to spread the word about Forgiven Alcohol Recovery Shots.

And because we’re required to drink copious amounts of chardonnay, champagne and cosmopolitans as part of our job, we’re always open to testing anything that’ll help with that dreaded hangover.

The dizziness, nausea and irritability all happen because the human body can’t handle the buildup of alcohol in the system when too much is consumed.

Forgiven is a tasty little shot that you drink after a night (or stressful morning) of excessive imbibing. We recommend drinking plenty of water, too, because that helps reverse the dehydrating effects of booze, too.

Best of all, Forgiven is clinically shown to increase the body’s ability to burn alcohol. All we know is it worked for us.

Then again, it could’ve been hiring that shirtless shot boy to come home and dispense Forgiven in a glow-in-the-dark test tube that really made it that much more effective.

Forgiven Alcohol Recovery Shots
$35.88/12-pack online or at these retail locations