Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Boom Boom Pow


Oh, José can you see? There are rockets a-red-glaring over the skies of Addison!

Yes, it’s time for one of our favorite celebrations of the year. We’ve seen incredible fireworks all over the world (some for 4th of July, some for New Year’s, and some just after a night of great sex), but few have ever compared to what we have right here in our own backyard.

Addison’s Kaboom Town! consistently wins “Best Fireworks” accolades from media outlets all over the US of A, so it’s not just us thinking their 30-minute explosive light show is one of the most spectacular in the known universe.

With plenty of food and beverage vendors, a fly-over air show, and live music, it’s a night you’ll remember long after the last bit of strontium carbonate, titanium and cesium nitrate flame out in the darkness.

And way better than sitting on your front porch with a sparkler, a tiny flag and a stars-and-stripes cookie from Kroger.

Kaboom Town! 2013
Wednesday, July 3, 5:00 p.m.-midnight
Admission to the watching party at Addison Circle Park is FREE.

Photo Credit: Erickson Photoworks Inc.