Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ellen DeGameInventor


Fans of Ellen have likely seen the show’s host playing a fast-and-furious game of Heads Up! with celebrity guests on her daytime talk show. It’s an always-hilarious rapid-fire clue-giving game that’s equal parts smarts, equal parts ability to make a fool of yourself.

This past weekend we finally downloaded the 99¢ app and had an absolute blast with a large group of friends.

If you’re not familiar, the game is simple.

You’ll hold up an iPhone (which is much less cumbersome than an iPad) to your forehead after selecting a clue category from a selection that includes Sports Legends, Act It Out, Blockbuster Movies, Popstar Overload, and Hey Mr. DJ, among several others.

Your teammates have to get you to guess the word or phrase on the screen by yelling out clues for you to guess. Others require charades-like gestures only. Or perhaps humming is all that’s allowed to elicit a guess.

If it’s correct, tilt the phone forward and it scores you a point. Tilt the phone back and it passes to another clue. Once the timer runs out, the games passes to the next team.

What’s most genius, however, is the fact that the app video records your entire team as they’re squealing out animal sounds, giving each other the Heimlich, or whistling a few bars of the latest Beyoncé hit.

You can then upload those videos to Facebook, save them to your own album, or send them off for Ms. DeGeneres to potentially air on her show.

Fifteen minutes of fame could be just 99¢ away. So could a five-piece chicken nuggets, but Heads Up! is way better.

Heads Up!
99¢ Download on iTunes
Extra category decks, 99¢ each