Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Soul Survivor


India.Arie is one of those incredible artists that we too often forget about when we’re inevitably put on the spot at parties to name our favorite singers.

No more. Thanks to her latest album, SongVersation, she’s finally where she belongs at the top of our mind. And our best-of-the-best list.

It’s partly because of sultry grooves like “Cocoa Butter,” but even more because of a specific track that beautifully promotes equality. In “One,”her lyrics inspire and ring truer than ever after our recent strides toward full equality under the law.

Whether you are red, brown, yellow, black or white
A man with a husband or a woman with a wife
We can debate until the end of time who’s wrong and who is right
Or we can see ourselves as one
‘Cause it all comes down to love

You can hear the whole song streaming for free in the link above, but we encourage everyone reading this to go out and purchase the entire album as a thank you to yet another public figure standing up and giving a voice to the rights that so many have fought to protect, validate and improve.

We know that’s what we’re celebrating this Independence Day.

Happy Fourth of July from everyone at Gay List Daily!

SongVersation, India.Arie
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