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Mass murders always capture headlines. But there’s one you may know nothing about that’s tragic in so many ways.

Forty years ago last month during Gay Pride in New Orleans, a bar called the Upstairs Lounge was fire bombed, killing 32 people. The result is the largest gay mass murder in U.S. history. Yet the tragedy doesn’t end there.

Many bodies were never identified because the victims’ families were ashamed and embarrassed that they died in a gay bar, still very taboo just four years after Stonewall. Making matters even worse, nobody was ever charged with the arson and multiple homicides, leaving the New Orleans LGBT community in shock and constant fear.

Dallas filmmaker Robert Camina (above) is creating a documentary feature titled Upstairs Inferno that will shed new light on this devastating 1973 event.

His fundraising goal is more than 80% complete, but you can help him reach and go beyond that amount far before the deadline. You can donate as little as $10 or sign on as an executive producer at the $5000 level and really be an active part. If Camina exceeds his current goal, that only gives him more resources to dig deeper and uncover more information.

By honoring the memories of those 32 souls, none were lost in vain.

Upstairs Inferno
Fundraising Campaign
Donate or find out more details at www.upstairsinferno.com

Photo credit: Chuck Marcelo