Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Aural Sex


We’re proud to say that of all the hedonistic things we’ve done in our life, phone sex isn’t anywhere on that list. The thought just makes us laugh.

Besides, our imagination isn’t vivid enough for voice-only turn-ons. We need visuals. And preferably touchuals, too.

Yet we were so intrigued by a new free phone sex service that’s entirely do-it-yourself (in so many senses of the phrase) that we had to check it out. Introducing Sexy Tales, a web service where you can follow a script that will (supposedly) elicit horniness aplenty and push all sorts of literal and figurative buttons.

Simply record the script (or write your own if you’re feeling extra creative) and a message will be delivered to anyone you wish to impress with your seductive vocal prowess. They’ll call a number and be able to access your recording and choose from different options for their own pleasure.

Of course, the prefab scripts are geared for heterosexual couples, but gaying it up is super easy. For women wanting to send sexy choose-your-own-sexual-adventure voicemails to other women, simply read the male script. For men wanting to send to another guy, use the female version.

Because “Press 2 to finish off inside my very moist cavern” is pretty universal.

Sexy Tales from Dejàmor