Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Putting The N In Bingo


Getting us outside the 635 loop usually takes the promise of free cocktails. Free massages. Or the occasional weekend-loaner male concubine.

But the chance to see Paul J. Williams as Sister Helen Holy (above) while simultaneously winning fistfuls of cash is a good way to lure us to the hinterland, too.

That’s where we’ll be this weekend at the premiere of Gaybingo North. It’s everything you already love about original-recipe Gaybingo with one important twist. The festivities take place in an afternoon session, so your Sunday night is free to spend all that prize money

Rumor has it Sister Helen Holy is just $20 in quarters for an overnight stay.

Just in case you need ideas.

Gaybingo North
$25 per person (includes all games)
July 14, 2:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m., show)
Plano’s Courtyard Theater
1509 H Avenue, Plano

Ed. Note: Seating for this event is not assigned. If you have a group and would like to sit together, please plan to arrive early to secure your seats.