Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mr. Right Now


Here’s a shocking statistic: Many gay men spend an average of 1.5 hours a day (if not longer) on dating/hookup apps searching for love. Or at least a quick handy in the bathroom.

Yet for many, that time doesn’t yield any results because finding a true match can be overwhelming.

Until now. Just yesterday, MISTER re-launched its app and aims to revolutionize the GPS-based dating industry.

First, they kicked off the “I Am MISTER” movement (#iamMISTER) that encourages guys to be respectful, proud and show their faces. Yes, imagine an app without a solid grid of headless torsos or random photos of beaches and silly cats. You can upload entire albums of photos, too, which means that potential dates don’t have to judge from a single blurry Instagram picture whether you’re their type. Or vice versa.

Our favorite new feature, however, is Mr. Right. Click the icon and each day they’ll throw several profiles your way to plow through quickly, pressing a button to indicate whether you like a guy, don’t like him, or aren’t sure. The app learns your type and shows you new profiles daily that get closer and closer to your ideal man.

And hopefully, turning Mr. Right Now into Mr. Right Forever.

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Upcoming MISTER Re-Launch Events:
Washington, D.C.: JR’s 7/18
West Hollywood: Revolver 7/19
New York: Boxers (Chelsea) 7/19
New York: Boxers (Hell’s Kitchen) 7/20
Boston: Guilt 7/26
Dallas: Victory Park 7/26
San Francisco: Hi Tops 7/27
Fort Lauderdale: Village Pub 7/28

Note: The New MISTER (2.0) is only available on iPhone. New MISTER (2.0) for Android due Fall 2013