Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cottage Industry


There’s no place on earth like the French Quarter in New Orleans.

The smell of of beignets and chicory coffee fills the air. A salty breeze weaves through the narrow streets as zydeco music creates the soundtrack for vacation memories to last a lifetime. There’s a sense of history thanks to old-world charm and an indescribable connection to the city’s storied past around every corner.

Also, naked college guys dancing atop bars, men in leather harnesses being led through the crowds by leashes, and the occasional transexual with a whistle directing traffic.

Man, you just gotta love Southern Decadence.

The days-long exercise in physical stamina and the truest test of liver function outside a medical lab, it’s one of the best gay parties in the world. Yet for all the non-stop debauchery, dancing in the streets and rounds of 32-ounce beers served in penis-shaped mugs, we crave a little bit of tranquility and luxury.

And nothing compares to the Audubon Cottages. There, seven newly renovated historic cottages surround what’s believed to be the oldest swimming pool in the French Quarter. Other features can include large jacuzzi tubs, wet bars and four-poster beds with backdrops of exposed brick and unique combinations of antiquities and modern luxuries. An on-site butler is available for every whim.

A couple of the cottages have multiple bedrooms and living areas, making them ideal for traveling with close friends. Or get everyone together and rent all seven units. Suddenly you have a private pool and a home base of serenity just steps from the craziness outside.

Because if you’re going to be decadent in every sense of the word, staying at a generic chain hotel would just suck.

And there’s plenty of that going on elsewhere.

Audubon Cottages
From $239



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