Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Quick Lesson In Tucking


How to Put on an Undershirt 101:

  1. Remove shirt from drawer.
  2. Pull shirt down over your head and place each arm through corresponding hole.
  3. Tuck shirt into pants.
  4. Re-tuck.
  5. Re-tuck.
  6. Re-tuck.
  7. Re-tuck.
  8. Re-tuck.
  9. Re-tuck.
  10.  Remove carefully, toss in laundry and go to bed.

That’s the exhausting routine most of us deal with on a daily basis. But not with Ribbed Tee. Thanks to a longer length and resistance to bunching and riding up, steps 4 through 9 can be completely eliminated.

This much simpler routine corresponds to each of their V neck, crew neck, slim fit and tank top options. All Ribbed Tee shirts feature a tagless design, so no itchiness throughout the day, either.

And their new CoolWear Supima undershirt is a lightweight, 100% extra-smooth American-grown cotton number that’s absolutely ideal for these hot summer months we’re dealing with.

In fact, it’s so scorching outside right now, the CoolWear shirt is the only clothing we’re wearing. Well, and a pair of flip-flops.

Can’t go to the grocery store barefoot.

Ribbed Tee
From $18 (Free shipping with $75 order)