Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mirror, Mirror


The more time we spend with our Apple TV, the more we love it. And thanks to the overturning of DOMA, we just might marry it.

Not only has Apple TV already saved us hundreds of dollars by eliminating our cable service, but we’ve just discovered AirPlay Mirroring. And with it, whole new worlds of content.

Through the magic of Apple and your home Wi-Fi network, you can easily turn your HDTV into a giant version of your iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBook. Just a few clicks and you’ll be able to wirelessly mirror anything that appears on the screen of any compatible iOS device.

Now you can stream TV shows from network web sites that may not yet be available on Netflix, Hulu Plus or iTunes. Pull up photos and videos from your latest vacation. You can even play your favorite video games without having to stare at a tiny screen to experience all the fruit-slicing, pissed-off birds and candy crushing you can handle.

Add to all that excitement with Manhunt. Craigslist. Weather.com. Gay List Daily. Anything you do online, you can now do bigger and better than ever.

The mere thought of online banking in 42-inch LCD high-def glory is almost more than we can handle.

Apple TV
Still just $99