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Underwear Of The Month: Rear View


It’s official. Jock straps are too modest. All that excessive fabric wasted on pouches, straps and waistbands when all that’s really needed is two of the three.

That’s pretty much the conversation the designers at Jack Adams USA must’ve had when they created the new Flyer Jock. Made from a microfiber blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, it wicks away moisture while keeping your package firmly in place.

All without anything in back.

Yep, this jock strap is simply a pouch on a waistband, leaving your booty free to indulge its exhibitionist tendencies while getting plenty of fresh air as you parade around the locker room.

Incredibly sexy, yet surprisingly effective at providing comfortable support during exercise, this is quite possible the very closest to wearing nothing you can achieve this side of actually wearing nothing.

Just don’t be shocked if next month they simply debut a waistband. No straps. No pouch. Just a logo and nothing left for the imagination.

Let us know, Jack Adams. We’ll be the first in line.

Jack Adams Flyer Jock