Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jumpin’ Juniper Berries!


Our moonshining days are over. One tiny little explosion in the garage and our boyfriend gets all freaked out. Sheesh.

Fortunately, we’ve found a whole new way to enjoy the great taste and sense of accomplishment that can only be achieved with homemade booze. And it’s way easier than going through some lengthy fermentation and distilling process.

Introducing The HomeMade Gin Kit. All you need is a bottle of mid-range vodka and 36 hours to create what turns out to be an incredibly tasty gin. Light amber in color, it made one of the most intensely enjoyable Gin & Tonic cocktails we’ve ever tasted.

We started with a $10 bottle of triple-distilled vodka from the clearance bin (yes, we buy enough liquor that we know where they keep the sale stuff).

Then we added the small tin of juniper berries from the kit. Those infuse the vodka in a cool dark place for the first 24 hours. We’d check on our little baby every few hours, turning the bottle over and over to really get the berries moving.

Next comes the tin of carefully selected botanicals, spices, flowers and aromatics for the final half-day.

Once the infusion was complete, we poured the freshly prepared gin through the mesh sieve and into the included bottles, just screaming for our own custom labels.

Our only advice is to pour out about one shot’s worth of vodka before adding the berries and botanicals. Otherwise, you have an overflow situation.

And though we’ve never wept over milk, spilled booze makes us grieve inconsolably.

The HomeMade Gin Kit
$49.95 (includes two reusable bottles, funnel, sieve, juniper berries and botanical spices)
$10 Botanical Spice Refills