Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

All Aflutter


In the grand scheme of Really Gay Things we’ve done in our life, we think we finally crossed a line of such incredible gayness that we can never possibly return.

Last month, our beloved dog Cleo passed away. Naturally, we threw a doggie wake to celebrate her always-happy life.

Searching for a way to pay tribute, we scoured the Internet for ideas. A balloon release seemed the most symbolic gesture, but something about littering the environment and potentially killing other animals in the popped-latex aftermath wasn’t really the gesture we were hoping for.

Then a girlfriend told us about Cloverlawn Butterflies, a company that specializes in the shipment of live Monarchs and Painted Ladies, mostly for weddings. But apparently we weren’t the first pet parents to let our grief take flight.

Available in a variety of quantities, the butterflies arrive in a cold shipping pack. By keeping the butterflies cold and in a dormant state, they sleep until you bring them into a warmer environment 15 minutes prior to release. When the fluttering starts, you know they’re ready to go.

The butterflies can be released from a single decorative box, but we opted for customized hot pink envelopes imprinted with our dog’s name, each with a single butterfly inside. This allowed each guest at the party to be a part of the celebration.

The result was a stunning display of vibrant life soaring into the sky. It was a moment we’ll never forget and to this day, when we see a butterfly in the backyard, we wonder if it’s one of Cleo’s.

Just sticking around to see what big gay stuff we do next.

Cloverlawn Butterflies
From $50 for one dozen Painted Ladies with custom envelopes